tisdag 9 september 2014

Team SAAB - 1977/78

Today I got a VERY nice surprise in my mailbox, I didn´t thought that it would arrive so soon.
But I am at the same time very Pleased! One of the riders in this Team in the end of the 70:s was very kind to send me three Jerseys which he used in the Team. When I called him he said it was funny because he had found this (the black one) just a year ago and that he had nailed into the wall in his Garage.

But when I explained my matter he said that the Jersey would be more to use in my Collection. At first he didn´t want any Money for it, so I insisted that I would send some money as a gift to be used for the youth in his Cycling Club. And so was done, and now I got the Jerseys at home. They are going to get a really nice place so I can show everyone who wants to see them good. If you want to see the photos better just click on the photo and you will see it bigger.
Long Sleeve Jersey as they used in the races Front side

Back side

A Jersey they used between the races, the initials are from the rider I got the Jerseys from.
Back side
One more Jersey they could use between the races

Back side

The use of the Jersey in 1977
 Many many thanks Mats!

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