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Clothes - Team Androni Giocattoli Venezuela 2011-2013

One of the best Team in my humble opinion is Team Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela, I have had the opportunity to meet the riders and staff on several occasions, I am very grateful how they have treated me and welcomed me when I have meet them. They will always be part of my life since I now even have mad a tattoo with the Teams logo on my arm.

But what do I have concerning Team Androni? Let´s begin with the clothes:
BIB - Androni 2011

Bib Androni 2012
BIB Androni 2013

Caps Androni 2011 - 2013

Podium Cap Androni 2011
Long Sleeve Jersey Androni 2012

Long Sleeve Jersey Androni 2013 - Gift from a rider

Jersey 2011 (early season) later a sponsor was added and the name become Androni Giocattoli - C.I.P.I.

In 2012 Franco Pellizotti of the Team became Italian Champion here is the jersey
I bought this Jersey at the Bianchi store in Bergamo. It´s signed by all the riders
of Il Lombardia 2012 + Alessandro Bertolini

Jersey Androni 2012 Official Race Jersey of the Team gift from the Team in 2012
Signed by all the members of the Team at Giro d´Italia 2012

Jersey 2013. Gift from the Team, but not the official jersey, this is a Team replica as we fans could by in stores.

Jersey 2013 long zip . Team Replica bought at SMS Santini. Signed by all riders
of the Il Lombardia 2013

West Androni 2013 - Gift from a rider in the Team

Long Sleeve Jersey Androni 2012 Signed by all riders at the Giro d´Italia in 2012 - Find on Ebay

Jersey Androni 2011 signed by all riders and staff at the Giro d´Italia 2011

Musettes (food bags) of the Team in 2011 and 2012 the Team used the white one
it was changed in 2013 to the blue one.

More to come about Androni

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