söndag 16 februari 2014

Various postcards

Here is some nice postcards of different team during the last 40 decades.
Team Bianchi Piaggio
 For a guy from Sweden is this really a nice postcard, several Swedes was part of this Team, in this photo we have Tommy Prim (Two 2:nd spot on Giro d´Italia) and Alf Segersäll.
MG GB on top with a lot of good riders. Bottom Bianchi Faema with Felice Gimondi

Team Bianchi Pirelli -1952 with Fausto Coppi as captain
Bottom Laurent Fignon when he rode a Bianchi
Team Gewiss Bianchi
Team Gewiss Bianchi in the mid 80:s again a Team with a lot of Swedes into it. At this photo we see Stefan Brykt and Lars Wahlqvist. Argentin and Volpi and a couple more riders has signed this postcard.  And as always if you clock on the image you see it bigger.


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