måndag 17 februari 2014

Team Bottles - Bianchi

Here are the bottles I have collected during the years. As you can see isn´t the bottles from Androni here, you have to look in another post to see them. As a collector I am always hunting for more bottles so if you have bottles that you don´t see here, send me an email.
Team Alessio Bianchi 2004, one from a pro in the Team and the other E-bay

Team Barloworld 2008-2009 and Team Flaminia 2010

Team Colombia Coldeportes 2012

Team Gatorade - Chateau d'Ax 1992and a bottle unmarked was used between Alessio and Liquigas 04-05

Team Liquigas Bianchi 2005

Team Liquigas 2006

Team Sammontana Bianchi 1985-1986 and Team Coast 2003

Team Vacansoleil - DCM 2012-2013
That´s all for the moment, I have a bottle coming in from France, will probably receive it next week. It´s a beauty =)


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