tisdag 18 februari 2014

Musettes / Food bags

Most collectors of Bike memorabilia also looking for the Musettes / food bags (In Swedish "Slungor") which during races contains food and something to drink for the riders, in those you have their lunch or just new energy. In a race when they give those to the riders, the first kilometres after they have been given to the riders is the best place to get them. You can´t find them in other places and if you as me can´t go to Italy or France every year, you have to depend on other collectors or Ebay.

I am always on the hunt for more Musettes, so if you have one or two send me an email. =) I hve already displayed the Musettes from Team Androni Giocattoli so you have to look in an older post to see them,
Team Barloworld - 2009

Team Colombia Coldeportes - 2012
Team Gewiss Bianchi - 1987-1989

Team Gewiss Bianchi 1987 - 1989

Team Liquigas - Bianchi  - 2005

Team Liquigas - 2006

Team Mercatone Uno - 1998

Team Vacansoleil - DCM 2012 - 2013
That´s all at the moment I hope that I can show you one more of my bikes later today.


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