lördag 15 februari 2014

Various things from Team Androni Giocattoli-Venezuela

Here is some more things connected to the Team.
Knee warmers, exact the same as the Team uses. Bought a SMS Santini shop in Bergamo

Socks for the Team, used by members who doesn´t have specific shoe sponsors. Bought at SMS Santini / Bergamo

Team Bottles Androni Giocattoli from year 2011.

Me with Alessandro de Marchi in Denmark 2012
The bottle with an "S" on top was given to me by the rider Alessandro de Marchi he was then part of the Team. Since 2013 is Alessandro by Team Cannondale. A great guy and I think he will be something in the future.

Team Bottles Androni Giocattoli - Venezuela 2012-13

Me with Francesco Reda in Estonia May 2013
The bottle laying (above) marked with an "x"was given to me by the rider Francesco Reda in Estonia May 2013. Francesco is also a great (as all riders of the Team are) guy. I really hope that everything settles for him soon. He become a Father just a few weeks ago. A baby boy!

More to come later and as soon as I have the possibility to take photos of everything.


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